Launched March 1!

Electric Trombone Lesson Videos Available HERE

Electric Trombone DJ

Live DJ Remix of Originals & Covers
• Ableton Live Looping
• Electric Trombone • Keyboards
• Vocoder • iPad • Lemur App


Apr 11 ET Clinic @ Univ of N. CO 3:30-5:30pm
Greeley, CO

Apr 15 Ableton Clinic @ Univ of CO Denver 11am-12pm
Denver, CO

Apr 21-23 Exhibit @ UNC Jazz Festival
Greeley, CO

May 21 DJ DKO Electric Quartet
Five Points Jazz Festival
1-2pm Plaza Stage
Denver, CO

June 8-11 Int’l Trombone Festival @ Juilliard School
New York City, NY

July 3 DJ DKO Wedding @ Mile High Station
Denver, CO